08.01.15 blue*white exquisiteness

periwinkle and white wedding

Photograph by Mariel Hannah.


07.31.15 green ‘goddess’ mystique

green goddess sandwiches with color palette

Photograph courtesy of The Bojon Gourmet.


07.30.15 sparkling ‘soft’ elegance

silver wedding shoes with color palette

Photograph by Anushe Low


07.29.15 champagne ‘popsicle’ toast

watermelon champagne popsicles with color scheme

Photograph by Jose Villa.


07.28.15 rosemary ‘bourbon’ hues

rosemary bourbon lemonade with color palette

Photograph courtesy of Lynsey Loves Food.


07.27.15 blushing neutrals

blushing neutrals mood board

Photograph credits listed in image captions below.

stone backstreets

Image Credit: Manel Zaera.

close-up of cream and pink rose

Image Credit: dle.tine

lights in the city

Image Credit: Sarah Long.

intricately detailed dome ceiling

Image credit: Basheer Tome.

screw in natural wood

Image credit: Crystal.

cute dog close-up

Image credit: tanakawho.

family of ferral hogs at sunset

Image credit: Josh Henderson.

sepia old dock photo

Image credit: copyriot.

sepia photograph of downtown dockImage credit: Phillip Pessar.


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07.26.15 darling ‘macaroon’ trio


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07.25.15 frozen ‘fruit-filled’ mix

fruit filled yogurt popsicles with color palette

Photograph courtesy of The Idea Room.