‘Mountain Air’ Color Trend

sherwin williams mountain air color card

Bathroom by Interior Design Journey | Closeup of Surya Tilda Throw | Bedroom Photograph by Leslee Mitchell

Today’s color trend is a breath of fresh air (*relaxing sigh*). Mountain Air to be exact. It’s a tranquil shade of seafoam green with just a hint of More

‘Beach Breeze’ Palette

seafoam green and red oak color palette

Inspiration Image by  JS Interiors

Seafoam green is making a come back! Have any of you noticed this tranquil little blue-green popping up in the design world? This beach style bedroom design More

‘Freshwater’ Color Trend

Turquoise has always had a special place in my heart. I’m thrilled to see it popping up in fashion and design and I can’t wait to work it into my own More

‘Weathered Perfection’ Palette

weathered turquoise door color palette

Inspiration Image by Miquel Bohigas Costabella

There is something about old, weathered doors that just captures my heart. I’ll often wonder about their history and the things they’ve seen. How did that scratch get there? More

‘Classical Twist’ Mood Board

classical twist interior design mood board

Occasionally, I come across a photograph with a color palette so gorgeous I’m inspired to create a mood board from it. (Okay, it happens all the time). More

‘Refreshing Turquoise’ Palette

turquoise and white interior color palette

Inspiration Image by H&M

White and turquoise make such a crisp and pretty combination. Add in a few pewter accents and a touch of warm black and the look is even better. More

‘Cream Puff’ Color Trend

I used to love cream puffs when I was a kid. Unfortunately, they’re a big no-no on my new Paleo diet. Sigh. More

‘Buttery Delight’ Palette

popcorn in doilie cone color palette

Inspiration Image by Wendy Alana Photography

What a great idea for serving popcorn at a party. I love the cream colored doily cones! And, I especially like the color palette with it’s More

‘Vintage Charm’ Palette

whitewashed brick kitchen black accents

Kitchen design by Jenny Wolf Interiors

I’ve always wanted one of these vintage style stoves and this black one with brass accents has got to be my favorite combo. Many a day I’ve dreamed of the kitchen More

‘Sunkissed Moment’ Palette

sunkissed moment color palette

Inspiration Image by Honey Honey Photography

This palette is both classy and down-to-earth all at the same time. Not a common combination to see together but it works beautifully. More