08.28.15 turquoise pop

turquoise pop mood board

photograph credits listed in image captions below.

turquoise socks

Image credit: ssedro

danbo at edge of turquoise pool

Image credit: Andres Nieto Porras

turquoise and black butterfly

Image credit: Amanda Slater

concrete architecture against turquoise sky

Image credit: Chris Favero

turquoise seal playground toy

Image credit: Steven Depolo

brown and white guinea pig against turquoise

Image credit: Keren Tan

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08.26.15 golden ‘palomino’ beauty

golden brown palomino horse with color palette

Photograph courtesy of Sarah Schmid, Ranch El Castille.


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08.24.15 cuddly contrast

warm brown and gray mood board

Photograph credits in image captions below.

gray cat against orangish-brown log wall

Image credit: Pat Hawks

two gray cats sleeping on golden brown sofa

Imige credit: Philipp

golden brown dog on snow covered sidewalk

Image credit: Sheri

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08.21.15 sepia ‘surrounded’ lovelies

sepia and teal flower photograph

Photograph by LittlePiePhotoArt.

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08.19.15 magenta mystery

magenta and black mood board

Photograph credits listed in the image captions below.

magenta christmas ball close-up

Image credit: Photo Jean.

magenta and gray crochet close-up

Image crtedit: ashleygreer.

magenta foxglove digitalis close-up

Image credit: Jim, the Photographer.

cricket on magenta flower

Image credit: Derek Keats.

vintage heart locket on magenta tablecloth

Image credit: brandiatmuhkuh.

model wearing magenta blouse and white shorts

Image credit: Ted Viens

rocker guitarist on magenta and black stage set

Image credit: Ganesha Balunsat.

magent flower petal on autumn leaf

Image crdit: Nic McPhee

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