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There are a hundred and one reasons why you might want to renovate, repair and repurpose your forgotten basement. Financial reservations always come into play though when property development is the topic of discussion. However, you may be interested to learn that bridging is a form of short term property finance. Whether it’s to add a chunk of change to your home’s value, to create a quiet place your parents can slip off to when the kids get too much, or space you can donate to the children in the hope all their mess will be contained below ground. Either way, some careful considerations will have to be made because let’s face it, they typically don’t have any windows, meaning basements are dark, if you feel like this could be a hard obstacle to overcome you could look into companies that specialize in basement renovations such as these that are Toronto based.

But, they don’t have to be. There are some easy tricks you can use to make that drab basement bright and inviting. With this being said, if you are not confident enough to carry out this renovation on your own, it wouldn’t hurt to get some assistance from a professional remodeling company to give you a helping hand. Plus, they may be able to advise you on one of the top additions to help create the basement of your dreams.

But, before you invest any money in a remodel, you want to make sure you repair any water damage to the walls (basements always seem to have water damaged walls). Find a company like RestorationEze to come in and fix any water issues you might have. If you need to get to the source of the issue as you are worried it may happen again you may want to contact plumbers in Portland Oregon or somewhere more local to you to make sure you’re not having to re-do this all again from damage. Once that’s out of the way, try using some of these easy ways to brighten up a dark basement. A little inspiration can go a long, long way.

Shake Up Your Light Sources

Nothing is more depressing than a single light bulb hanging in the middle of a room, slightly swaying in the draft. Which is why you want to try and shake things up a bit with more light sources. Trust me, It’s a better way to go. Floor standing lamps, task lights, pot lights, fairy and string lights. They can all help to make a space feel cozy.

Mirror, Mirror On the Walls

It’s the oldest interior design trick in the book. Mirrors reflect light. It’s their superpower. But, that’s not all. They can also make a space feel much bigger and much more, well, spacious. So, if you want to make your tiny basement seem bigger than it really is, add some mirrors to the walls. It doesn’t matter if you hang little ones all over a wall to create a collage or you cover an entire wall in one large one. Both ways will work to create that sense of space you’re looking for.

Metallic Accents are Magic

This concept works a little bit like mirrors in that the metallic objects reflect light, which is why you need to add a few silver, gold or copper accents to your sub-ground room. It could be a big vase to pop your houseplant in, the legs of a coffee table, your picture frames – anything. What you’ll also find is they add a little sprinkling of opulence as well.

Finish Your Floors

Another great way to reflect the light in your windowless room is to have a shiny finish put on your floors, especially if the main source of light comes from your ceiling. You could decide to go with polished wood, shiny tiles or even polished concrete. Whatever style you are trying to rock. And don’t worry about it getting cold because underfloor heating can cure that problem in half a moment. I love me some toasty toes.

Go Bright With the Color Palette

And here it is, the piece de resistance – the color palette. For the wall paint, pick a light color that you absolutely love. One that will brighten the room and reflect some of that light, and splash it all over the walls. This way you will get the impression your room is much bigger than it really is. Now, white is a great option, but if that’s a little obvious, then try using yellow instead.

gray white and bright yellow interior paint palette

And, don’t be afraid to go bright and cheerful with your color palette. Bright yellows in the citrus family are a great choice for accents along with some crisp, white pieces. Neutral grays will help balance out the look and create a room so upbeat, you’ll forget you’re even in a basement.

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