blush pink and green interior design mood board

Inspiration Image by Melanie Duerkopp

This look just screams ‘pretty’! Perfect for a feminine interior with a contemporary edge. The key feature of this design is a delicate blush pink accent with a little bit of dusty rose as a companion. Pair these with an olive gray and a colorful spring green in small amounts. All of this will display nicely against a hazy white wall finish as a background. Such a lovely design. ‘Get the Look’ for yourself with these key pieces…

1.Bombay Kelly Pillow | 2. White Wallpaper | 3. Blush Storage Bench | 4. Throw Blanket / Accent Chair | 5. Silver Chest | 6. Transcendent Rug

brides maids in blush pink dresses

Inspiration Image by Melanie Duerkopp

blush pink and green color palette

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