Concepts & Colorways is a color inspiration blog founded by interior designer, Bobbi Edwards. Color is a powerful design tool yet, it can intimidate even the most seasoned designers. Bobbi created ‘Concepts & Colorways’ in a hope to share color ideas with all who use color. The site focuses on interior design but likes to explore the use of color in all walks of life. Graphic arts, architecture, wedding & event planning, architecture, photography, food styling, interior styling… we love them all. Who’s our favorite source of inspiration? Mother nature is the winner by a landslide!

Would you like your image featured in a Concepts & Colorways palette? Submit your image on Instagram using #InspireMyPalette. All images selected for use will be credited to the owner with link back to your Instagram account.


I’ve always had a passion for color. I could get lost in the textures and patterns of a fabric store for hours. It truly amazes me how different color and material combinations can profoundly change the mood of a space. So, I guess it was only natural that I chose a career in interior design.

I’ve truly enjoyed my last 20 years working in the interior architecture industry. But, I was only spending a fraction of my time working with the colors, textures and patterns that make my heart swoon. I knew I needed a place I could explore …inspire …create. So, ‘Concepts & Colorways’ was born.

Are you looking for color inspiration? Want to explore the latest color trends? Can’t get enough of thought-provoking interior design images? Then, this is the place for you. Grab a comfy chair. Kick back… and be inspired!

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All original color palettes, design boards and collages on this site are the sole property of Concepts & Colorways. It is important to me that all inspiration images featured on this site are credited to the proper owner with their permission prior to use. If you happen to find an image belonging to you featured on this site that you did not approve, please contact me immediately. I will be happy to remove the image or properly credit the image to you, whichever you prefer. Likewise, I would like to be contacted directly for permission to use or redistribute any of my color palettes, design boards or collages.

Concepts & Colorways may contain both affiliate links and paid advertising banners to support the operation of this site. What does this mean? I may receive a small commission for any product links or ads you click on while on the Concepts & Colorways site. My number one goal is to provide you with free design and color inspiration. I make use of affiliate links and advertising banners to help support the time and resources needed to complete that goal.


  1. Beatty

    Bobbi Jo you are AMAZEBALLS!!! Your blog is FABULOUS!!! Love, Love, LOVE IT!!! GO GIRL!!! XOXO

  2. Martine@martinepaquin.com

    Thanks for featuring us on your blog.


  3. Beth Davis

    Thanks for finding us worthy of your blog on Aug. 2, 2014 Bobbi! : ) Great blog with awesome content!
    Beth Davis Interiors

    -Beth Davis
    1. Bobbi said Post author

      Thank you Julie! I plan to make a palette from your bouquet photograph. There are such inspiring colors in it. I’ll let you know when it’s done.

      -Bobbi said

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