mint and white interior with caramel accents
Inspiration Image by Korbo Handwoven Wire Baskets

The combination of caramel and mint makes for an amazing interior design. Pale mint walls with white trim and flooring gives the room a soothing look. Then, small pops of caramel brown and brass add warmth to the look. This is a design I would love to use for my own home or studio space. If you want to create this look for yourself, focus on these key pieces:

1.Seven Chair | 2. Cheers Pendant | 3. Field Dining Table | 4. Brass Wire Bin | 5. Lily White Paint | 6. White Painted Wood Floors | 7. Baggu Box Purse

white interior with caramel and mint accents
Inspiration Image by Korbo Handwoven Wire Baskets

Here’s a mood board for the ‘Caramel and Mint’ look complete with paint palette.

caramel and mint interior design mood board
Inspiration Image by Korbo Handwoven Wire Baskets

1.Cheers Pendant | 2. Baggu Box Purse | 3. Lily White Paint | 4. White Painted Wood Floors | 5. Seven Chairs | 6. Hampton Rose Bowl | 7. Port Cros Mjug | 8. Brass Wire Bin | 9. Field Dining Table

The palette for this look features mint blue and white as the primary colors with accents in caramel brown, brass, black and gold.

caramel and mint paint palette

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