Design Elements {Recycled Tires}


I’m really impressed with all the creative ways that companies are recycling old tires these days. I’ve been using rubber flooring made from recycled tires in my design projects for years. But, there are so many more options if you want to incorporate this unusual material into your interior design projects.

Take this stylish table and chair set for example. I really love the woven look to these and the table base is fantastic!

I really like the texture on this recycled tire basket and imagine how durable these would be:

I’ve always been a big fan of black floors. They make such a nice neutral backdrop to pop accent colors off of. This is a retail space with a rubber floor made from old car tires.

Picture Frames? …I never would have thought of this but I love the result! The texture from the different tire tread designs is so cool…

These bracelets from Urban Lace Jewelry are awesome!!! They also make a fun, lacey mask that would be perfect for a costume party.

Baa Baa Black Sheep…Who new that recycled inner tubes could be so adorable?

A larger basket design for your magazines and such. I have this one on my wish list for my husband’s bathroom reading…

How about a flower pot holder? The durability from the old tires would work perfectly for this application.

Super cool storage solution…

What do you think about these innovative solutions to solving our tire disposal problem? Do you know some other great uses to add to the list?

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