black interior design product roundup

1.Emory Rug | 2. Parker Dining Chair | 3. Dhurri Pillow  | 4. Wire Basket

If I had to choose one favorite accent color, I would definitely go with black. It goes with just about everything and creates a bold statement in any interior space. Like all colors, black comes in a variety of different shades and undertones. This particular shade I call an Enchanting Black. I can picture this dark tone paired with a bright accent color or in a simple, white space. It’s a versatile little number that works equally in traditional and modern spaces. So nice!

Shop this color (some cool things I found on the web)…

black interior design product roundup

1.Mani Pillow | 2. Wastebasket | 3. Zephyr Bench | 4. Cowhide Rug | 5. Dhurri Pillow | 6. Smeg Kettle | 7. Snaregate Table | 8. Black Tumblers | 9. Nicolle Counter Stool | 10. Eiffel Tower Print | 11. Zali Pillow | 12. Tobias Pendant | 13. Milking Stool | 14. Maia Bench | 15. Emory Rug | 16. Wire Basket | 17. Cowhide Pillow | 18. Parker Dining Chair

If you like this color, you might also like my Whisper of Green palettes by project post. My White Farmhouse Interior with Slate Blue Rug and Green Plants get the look also features this color.

Designs featuring this color…


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