How would you describe this color? I guess I’d call it a moss green or olive green. Maybe even a forest green. Pantone calls it Kale and it’s part of their 2017 Spring Fashion Color Report. It’s sort of a natural green with tangy yellow undertones. I especially like this color when paired with black or white. Here’s a roundup of design ideas featuring the ‘Kale’ color trend…

This interior is just plain fun! The natural textures and color palette are a great backdrop to show off the hanging moss balls.

moss green hanging balls in living room interior

Photo by Evan Joseph

The blend of ‘Kale’ green and light brown wood tones in this wreath design is just lovely. Displaying it against a black door makes the whole look perfect!

Add a ‘kale’ green sofa to any interior for a pop of color. You can even give it some colorful friends for an eclectic look. Keep the walls white and add a few white throw pillows to balance out the bold colors.

eclectic living room with moss green sofa

Living Room by House of Jade | Photo by Lindsey Orton

The olive green of this dress combined with the black strappy details… I’m in love!

The addition of a moss green stripe on the headboard adds just the right amount of cool green to this otherwise warm toned bedroom. I must have one of these oversized mirrors!

brown and moss green morocan style bedroom

Photo by Evan Joseph

For a fresh look, combine ‘kale’ green with white and one bubble gum pink accent. A few warm brown pieces helps ground the look. Nice!

moss green white and pink interior

Design and Styling by Society Social

If you’d like to add a little ‘kale’ to your wardrobe, this olive toned scarf necklace might do the trick.

Or, you can adorn your table with a moss green burlap table runner.

Just adding a single ‘kale’ green piece to a room adds a trendy fun vibe to any interior.

eclectic living room with moss green modern chair

Photo by Laura Resen

Here’s a ‘kale’ green sofa that leans a bit toward the forest green side. I just love Anthropologie sofas!

Here’s an excellent combo. Rattan furniture in a white room with white cushions. Add a pop of color with one ‘kale’ green piece and you’re done. Love it!

How pretty! I love the retro feel of this romantic little olive green dress.

Shop this color (some cool things I found on the web)…

pantone kale interior design product roundup

1.Green Mandarin Bag | 2. Moss Green Art | 3. Olive Green Egg Chair | 4. Floral Table Lamp | 5. Fringed Shawl | 6. Moss Sphere | 7. Olive Green Wine Glasses | 8. Diamond Throw Pillow | 9. Illume Glass Candle | 10. Bamboo Garden Stool | 11. Ravenna Cup  | 12. Viva Pendant | 13. Plaid Wool Blanket | 14. Blossom Pillow  | 15. Overdyed Rug | 16. Large Olive Bottle | 17. Wine & Cheese Tote | 18. Besa Milo Pendant | 19. Garden Stool | 20. Hummingbird Pillow | 21. Moss Green Alpaca Throw | 22. Finnick Chair | 23. Preserved Moss | 24. Trellis Desk Lamp | 25. Breaker Wastebasket | 26. Zoey Gourd Lamp | 27. San Mateo Rug | 28. Ribbon Wrap Bracelet | 29. Butterfly Pillow | 30. Oliver Peoples Glasses

Would you like to see more of this color trend? Good news! I put together a Pantone ‘Kale’ Pinterest board just for you…

Some colors similar to ‘Kale’ you might like…

Some designs using ‘Kale’ you might like…

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