I’m seeing this pattern everywhere lately! People just can’t get enough of palm fronds and banana leaves. These tropical prints are making a huge hit in fashion and interior design this season. To be honest, I’ve never really been a huge fan of the tropical prints look. But, I think that was because they were typically overdone with way too much pattern-on-pattern going on. This season’s resurgence of tropical leaf prints has more of a modern twist to it. The statement is usually a simple one with palm frond and banana leaf prints on white backgrounds. Sometimes, a touch of pink is added. This minimalist approach to tropical prints is just perfect for the modern¬† looks that are so popular right now. Just look at all the possible uses for this trendy design element.

It only takes a little bit of these bold prints to make an impact. Add a few banana leaf pillows to a pretty cream colored room with a black and white striped throw for a classy, yet fun look.

creamy white interior with banana leaf print pillows

Interior Image by Sanaz Photography

This design trend is perfect for summer looks.

Banana leaf prints also pop well against a dark colored piece of furniture like this navy velvet chair.

If you’re not a huge fan of the deep greens of typical banana leaf prints, go with more of a blue-green color.

I really like the combination of a black and white stripe with banana leaf prints. Just a little of each goes a long way in an interior.

creamy white interior with banana leaf print and black stripes

Interior Image by Sanaz Photography

Here’s an idea. Use live plants to bring the tropical leaf look into your space! These plants are a perfect way to soften up a minimalist white interior.

white interior with green tropical plant

Interior Photo by Amazema Interiors

I love this outfit! The combination of white top with banana leaf print skirt is just gorgeous.

This is my favorite interior look in this line-up. I love the way the palm fronds print is the focal point in this white room with natural accents.

Here’s another cute fashion look with banana leaves as the key design element.

I have a confession to make. I’m a plant murderer. For the life of me, I just can’t keep a plant alive. If you have the same problem but like the green accent of live plants. Try adding a tropical print art piece in your space instead.

Here’s a bolder look with a banana leaf wallpaper print. If you’re going to go bold on the walls, keep the furniture in the room a simple white to balance out the look.

Shop this look (some cool things I found on the web)…

palm fronds and banana leaves tropical print product roundup

1.Tropical Print Bustier | 2. Palm Leaf Wallpaper | 3. Tropical Banana Leaves Print | 4. Banana Leaf Watercolor Pillow | 5. Tropical Palm Leaves | 6. Banana Leaf iPhone 7 Cover | 7. Pink Tropical Leaves Pillow | 8. Banana Leaves Wristlet | 9. Palms Canvas Tote | 10. Banana Leaf Pouf | 11. Banana Leaf Tray

I couldn’t pack all of the awesome Palm Fronds and Banana Leaf Tropical Print ideas into this post, so I created a Pinterest board for the overflow. If you want even more design inspiration, head on over and have a look…

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