pantone arcadia interior design color trends 2018

Bedroom (top) by Melida Williams | Haven Area Rug by Surya | Bedroom Photo (left) by Raquel Langworthy

Oh, sweet, jade green perfection! This blue-green color has captured a special place in my heart. It’s a little hard to describe this exact shade of green. It’s kind of a cross between an emerald and a mint. Pantone calls this color Arcadia. And, I’m thrilled that they’ve chosen it for their Fashion Color Trend Report for Spring 2018. That means we’ll be sure to see more of this color in the months to come. I’m looking forward to it!

This white cafe with ‘Arcadia’ green accents is simply beautiful. The pop of wood from the tabletops adds balance to the look.

Arcadia certainly looks right at home in white interiors. You could easily paint an old wood chair to replicate this look for yourself.

white kitchen with jade green chairs

Photo by Stadshem

My heart stopped beating for a moment when I first saw this desk. The shape of it is perfect for the jade green paint and brass accents.

jade green desk with gold accents

Green and Gold Desk by Hello Lidy

I’m finding a lot of prom dresses in this emerald-mint blend.  This tulle one with black accents is my fave!

Here’s another shot of that pretty cafe interior. You can get a good look at the chevron floor pattern from this bird’s eye view.

There are so many features to this dining room that I absolutely love. The wishbone chairs. The rustic wood table. But, those mint green beaded chandeliers are stunning!

This bedroom design is just the kind of thing I would put together for my own home. I love the mix of patterns in the bedding and that brass chandelier… Just, wow!

Here’s another ‘Arcadia’ inspired prom dress. So pretty!

I get such an Art Deco vibe from this hotel bathroom. The emerald green wall tile, the black fan-pattern floor. And those brass fixtures. This bathroom is pure class!

shower with emerald green wall tile

Photo courtesy of Coveteur / Alec Kugler

This is the guesroom that goes with the bathroom above. I love how the ‘Arcadia’ accents pop off the wood floor.

hotel bedroom with jade green accents

Photo courtesy of Coveteur / Alec Kugler

These are the kind of shoes a girl dreams of. The beautiful mint green color alone makes them drool worthy. But, these ones were actually signed by Sarah Jessica Parker!

mint green shoes signed by sarah jessica parker

Photo by Jana Dillon

You can also go casual with ‘Arcadia’ green. I especially like how this color complements red hair.

I love the sophisticated vibe in this bedroom with it’s bold, mint chair. This is a beautiful color palette, don’t you think?

bedroom with jade green desk chair

Bedroom by Melida Williams

Here’s another pretty color combination. The mint toned leaves really make the bold flowers ‘pop’.

Camel brown and Arcadia is another great combo. Add a few black accents and this look is perfect!

See what I mean about all the prom dresses? This is a pretty one.

Now we’re talking! An emerald green velvet sofa in a bright white room. You can’t go wrong with this look.

I’m really loving all these ‘Arcadia’ green furniture pieces. So nice!

emerald green console table

Photo by Katie Parra

That’s the great thing about this particular shade of green. It has a trendy feel to it and looks good in retro designs like this diner style kitchen.

Oh, one more prom dress. I’m predicting a lot of ‘Arcadia’ themed proms this year.

It’s such a classy combination pairing emerald green accent pieces in an all white room. Wow, do I love this look!

Does this space look familiar yet? It’s another view of that pretty cafe from earlier. I like the mix of green tones they used for the bar stools.

Arcadia is even pretty as a refreshing, mint drink.

woman in white dress holding mint green drink

Photo by The Grovers

Shop this color (some cool things I found on the web)…

emerald green mint green interior design product roundup

I put the source links for the above pieces in my Arcadia product roundup post.

Click here for product sources.

Would you like to see more of this color trend? Well, I have some great news for you! I started a Pantone Arcadia Pinterest board with even more jade green design inspiration…


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