a relaxed navy interior design color card

1.Broadview Rug | 2. Throw Pillow | 3. Newport Lounge Chair | 4. Massey Throw

This is one gorgeous shade of blue. It’s kind of a dark slate blue but also a bit of a navy. I’m calling it a relaxed navy and boy am I in love! This color would be equally at home in a traditional interior as it would a modern one. It’s really a classic color that never goes out of style. What do you think of a relaxed navy? Is this a color you like for interior spaces?

Shop this color (some cool things I found on the web)…

slate blue navy blue interior design product roundup

1.Link Pendant | 2. Geometric Pillow | 3. Massey Throw | 4. Oval Lamp | 5. Chrisanna Wingback Chair | 6. Fire Mini Pendant | 7. Throw Pillow | 8. Angell Pouf | 9. Broadview Rug | 10. Blue Stripes Art | 11. Newport Lounge Chair | 12. Mini-Mason Pendant | 13. Mezclilla Pouf | 14. Gumball Glass Pendant | 15. Wallace Crochet Throw | 16. Florencio Throw | 17. Becky Throw Pillow | 18. Rotterdam Pendant

If you like this color, you might also like my Turquoise Waters color palette and Coastal Style Living Room with Turquoise, Gold and Taupe Accents get the look. My Whisper of Green palette by project and White Farmhouse Interior with Slate Blue Rug and Green Plants get the look also features this color.

Some designs that feature this color…


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