shou sugi ban charred wood interior design element
Wood Serving Tray Closeup by KodamaJoinery | Sushi Ganso Interior by Butchko & Co. – Shou Sugi Ban Paneling by reSAWN TIMBER co. | Accoya Delta Gator Paneling by Delta Millworks

I’m always on the lookout for innovative finish materials, especially chemical-free ones. Today’s design element is both of these and it also comes in my favorite accent color…black! It’s called Shou Sugi Ban and the way it’s produced is as interesting as the product itself. Shou Sugi Ban is an ancient Japanese wood finishing technique that preserves wood by charring it with fire. How cool is that? I’m totally obsessed with Shou Sugi Ban right now. I can’t wait to work it in to some of my design projects. Let’s take a look at some great design ideas featuring this unique material.

The dark black tones of Shou Sugi Ban creates the perfect contrast for accents in a white, modern interior…

black and white interior with shou sugi ban accent wall
Reed Residence with Accoya – Gator Paneling from Delta Millworks

The Shou Sugi Ban technique creates a unique texture that adds character to any architectural feature. This paneled door detail is awesome!

shou sugi ban charred wood door
Shou Sugi Ban Door Detail by Aamodt/Plumb Architecture with Cypress – Gator Paneling from Delta Millworks

This restaurant interior is just gorgeous! I love the combination of natural woods with the Shou Sugi Ban accents. Combine these with the white painted stone wall for the perfect balance.

sushi restaurant interior with shou sugi ban accent walls
Sushi Ganso Interior by Butchko & Co. with Shou Sugi Ban Wall Cladding by reSAWN TIMBER co.

White wall decor, like this steer skull, really ‘pop’ against black Shou Sugi Ban wall cladding…

shou sugi ban wall with white steer skull
Reed Residence Detail with Accoya – Gator Wall Cladding by Delta Millworks

Shou Sugi Ban is also a great technique for finishing wood furniture. The charred wood effect fits right in with rustic pieces like this bench…

shou sugi ban charred reclaimed wood entry table
Charred Reclaimed Wood Entry Table by WoodDesignGroup

Or, maybe a charred wood floating shelf is more your thing…

charred wood shou sugi ban floating wall shelf
Shou Sugi Ban Floating Wall Shelf by honeystreasures

Now, here’s a cool idea. Shou Sugi Ban treated wood stumps with stained wood accent legs…

shou sugi ban charred wood black stump stools
Charred Salvaged Hurricane Sandy Stump Stools

Shou Sugi Ban adds lots of character to exterior signage like this ‘One Sixty’ restaurant sign…

shou sugi ban charred wood restaurant sign
Burnt Oak Sign for One Sixty Restaurant with Shou-Sugi-Ban Charred Timber Cladding

There are lots of ways to work this finish material in to your interior project. Try using Shou Sugi Ban as the back material in a custom booth seat…

shou sugi ban charred wood wall clad booth back
Juice Society Interior with Cypress – Barnwood Wall Cladding from Delta Millworks

Accent walls are the perfect place to show off the textures of Shou Sugi Ban wall cladding…

dark brown shou sugi ban accent wall
Mortar Arch + Dev Office with Charred Collection Accent Wall from reSAWN TIMBER co.

Here’s another shot of the sushi restaurant shown above. The mix of materials is just beautiful with Shou Sugi Ban accent walls…

sushi restaurant interior with shou sugi ban accent walls
Sushi Ganso Interior by Butchko & Co. with Shou Sugi Ban Wall Cladding by reSAWN TIMBER co.

Shou Sugi Ban treated stumps also make great accent tables. Vary the size and height for a dynamic arrangement like this one…

shou sugi ban tree stump table set
Shou Sugi Ban Tree Stump Tables from bamboobg

Oh, I love this interior! The black wood paneling is just gorgeous and it shows off all the accent pieces in the room beautifully!

nordic style living room with shou sugi ban wall paneling
Living Room Styling by Simone Haag | Photo by Derek Swalwell

Orange accent pieces really ‘pop’ against Shou Sugi Ban paneling…

shou sugi ban charred wood accent wall
Dixon Hughes Goodman Office by Gensler-DC with Charred Collection Wood Cladding by reSAWN TIMBER co.

Here’s a great idea. Use Shou Sugi Ban wall cladding to create a custom bed headboard. Contrast the dark wood with white bedding and black and white photography…

charred wood paneled headboard
Texas Hotel with Cypress – Smooth Tiger Wall Cladding Headboard by Delta Millwork

This wood finishing technique is all about showing off the natural textures of the wood…

shou sugi ban tealight holder
Shou Sugi Ban Tealight Holder from RusticJelly

And, modern homes really look good with Shou Sugi Ban exterior paneling. I love this!

black modern house exterior
Quonochontaug House from Bernhelmer Architecture with Katana – B&B Slats Siding from Delta Millworks

For a dramatic effect, use black charred wood paneling for all the walls of the room and then contrast it with natural wood flooring and furniture. Black and white photography also works well with this look…

shou sugi ban interior wood paneling
Umi Suchi Restaurant Interior with #2 Cypress – Gator Wood Cladding from Delta Millworks

Shop this design element (some cool things I found on the web)…

1.Hairpin Legs Bench | 2. Charred Stump Stool | 3. Yakisugi Coffee Table | 4. Box Side Table | 5. Serving Tray | 6. Wood Log Table | 7. Wood Cuff Bracelet | 8. Weathered Bronze Bowl | 9. Side Table | 10. Hairpin Coffee Table | 11. Wood Table | 12. Tea Light Holder | 13. Yakisugi Bench | 14. Red Decorative Bowl | 15. Charred Wood Bowl

Would you like to see more of this design element? Good news! I put together a ‘Shou Sugi Ban’ Pinterest board with even more charred wood design inspiration…

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