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bouquet inspired color palette

Inspiration Image by Sweetwater Portraits

Wedding bouquets are often the subject of my color palette inspiration. This one really caught my eye because of it’s unique color combination. I never would More


After reviewing the Sherwin Williams ‘Sealskin’ color trend, I wanted to show some ideas for working this brownish-black color into a palette. This More


green goddess sandwiches with color palette

Photograph courtesy of The Bojon Gourmet.


Color of the Day {Guacamole}


Introducing, today’s Color of the Day: Guacamole! More specifically, Benjamin Moore 2144-10.

Would you like to ‘Get This Look‘?  Add a touch of ‘Guacamole’ to your space with this Adirondack Chair from Design Within Reach.

Are you looking for ideas on how to use ‘Guacamole’? I’m on the look-out for projects that use this grassy shade. Here’s what I’ve found so far:

I love all the natural light in this bedroom design. ‘Guacamole’ is a great color choice to reinforce the connection to the landscape outside…

art deco miami style

Bedroom design by Imagine Living.

The strong ‘guacamole’ shade works well on accent walls…

libertyville showhouse

Living Room design by Sarah Susanka. Photo by Barry Rustin.

You can really make a statement with a large ‘guacamole’ accent wall like in this kitchen design…

eco elegant

Kitchen design by Rob Bowen Design Group.

Today’s color was selected from  the Benjamin Moore Color Preview Palette.

Would you like to see more of ‘Guacamole’? Here are some more posts featuring this flourishing shade…







Here are more colors similar to ‘Guacamole’ that you might like…







Always get samples! Here’s why: The ‘Color of the Day’ posts are intended to provide design inspiration. I select projects and products for each ‘Color of the Day’ post based on the color my eye sees in the photographs. It can be extremely difficult to render color with 100% accuracy when taking photographs, especially of interior spaces. The same color can also appear  entirely different in different lighting conditions. For these reasons, the actual color of the projects or products  may not be an actual match to the ‘Color of the Day’. Always review actual samples from the product manufacturer before making final purchases.