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a buttery yellow interior design roundup

This buttery yellow is a mouthwatering color that’s both creamy and bright. Some might call it a lemon or canary yellow. Personally, I think it’s a lovely way More


popcorn in doilie cone color palette

Inspiration Image by Wendy Alana Photography

What a great idea for serving popcorn at a party. I love the cream colored doily cones! And, I especially like the color palette with it’s More

Color of the Day {Honeymoon}

06.04.14 Color of the Day, Honeymoon, Benjamin Moore AF-345, honey yellow, butter-yellow giraffe print pillow

Introducing, today’s Color of the Day: Honeymoon! More specifically, Benjamin Moore AF-345.

Would you like to ‘Get This Look‘?  Add a touch of ‘Honeymoon’ to your space with this Giraffe Print Pillow from Square Feathers.

Here’s a little inspiration to get you thinking about uses for ‘Honeymoon’:

This honey yellow color looks great on these upholstered lounge chairs. I just love them!

living room design, honey yellow lounge chairs

Image courtesy of My Little Apartment.

Add painted pieces in ‘Honeymoon’ to your design for a splash of color…

Or, immerse yourself in this joyful color with ‘Honeymoon’ painted walls. The ceiling design in this Tuscan Villa is wonderful…

I’ve always been a sucker for black and white checkerboard floors. Pairing this look with ‘Honeymoon’ colored walls makes it even better…

Today’s color was selected from the Benjamin Moore Color Preview Palette.

Would you like to see more of ‘Honeymoon’? Here are some more posts featuring this admired shade…

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Here are more colors similar to ‘Honeymoon’ that you might like…

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Always get samples! Here’s why: The ‘Color of the Day’ posts are intended to provide design inspiration. I select projects and products for each ‘Color of the Day’ post based on the color my eye sees in the photographs. It can be extremely difficult to render color with 100% accuracy when taking photographs, especially of interior spaces. The same color can also appear  entirely different in different lighting conditions. For these reasons, the actual color of the projects or products  may not be an actual match to the ‘Color of the Day’. Always review actual samples from the product manufacturer before making final purchases.