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a buttery yellow interior design roundup

This buttery yellow is a mouthwatering color that’s both creamy and bright. Some might call it a lemon or canary yellow. Personally, I think it’s a lovely way More


black and white modern living room with lime green sofa

Inspiration Image by Barker and Stonehouse

A black and white modern living room with a lime green sofa. This palette has retro written all over it! The pale taupe wood floors and More


modern farm house craft room color palette

Craft Room by House of Jade | Photo by Lindsey Orton

The ‘Natural Inspiration’ palette is set in a creamy white base with a foundation of natural wood tones in beige and copper brown. Small amounts of More


pantone primrose yellow interior design

Dining Room by Lee Design and Interiors | Polly Ombre Throw | Entry by Chango & Co. – Photo by Sean Litchfield

Oh…yellow. It adds brightness and cheer in a way no other color can do. Strategically placed in interiors as accents, it can really make magic happen. I especially like the More

Color of the Day {Weston Flax}

05.11.14 Color of the Day, Weston Flax, Benjamin Moore HC-5, light yellow, canary yellow, pale yellow, light yellow retro wall clock

Introducing, today’s Color of the Day: Weston Flax! More specifically, Benjamin Moore HC-5.

Would you like to ‘Get This Look‘?  Add a touch of ‘Weston Flax’ to your space with this Retro Wall Clock from Euro Style Lighting.

Are you looking for ideas on how to use ‘Weston Flax’ in a project? I’m putting together a collection of designs to show you. Here’s what I found so far:

My dreams of late keep taking me to a kitchen with no wall cabinets and lots of windows. Something a lot like this one. The soft yellow wall color combined with the beautiful outdoor view creates a kitchen to spend some time in. ‘Weston Flax’ would work great in this design…

yellow kitchen, white cabinets, lots of natural light, large arched windows, no wall cabinets, red glasses

Kitchen design by Andreozzi Architects. Photo by Aaron Usher III.

Just a pop of yellow is all you need to balance the blue-greys of this kids bedroom…

Bright and cheerful! ‘Weston Flax’ paired with natural woods can get you this look…

light yellow bedroom, exposed natural wood beams, natural wood beds

Bedroom design by Actual Size Projects.

I love the symmetry of the glass doors on either side of this living room design. ‘Weston Flax’ would make an excellent wall color for this space…

yellow living room, arched french doors, lots of natural light, white fireplace, blue striped rug

Living Room by Andreozzi Architects. Photo by Aaron Usher III.

I love how the ‘Weston Flax’ tones of the upholstered booth add a sense of freshness to this dining room…

modern condo dining area, sheepskin ottomans, custom booth seat with light yellow upholstered back, cluster of globe pendants, clear top dining table with wood base

Dining Room interior by Denizen Design.

Today’s color was selected from  the Benjamin Moore Color Preview Palette.

Would you like to see more of ‘Weston Flax’? Here are some more posts featuring this chipper shade…







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Always get samples! Here’s why: The ‘Color of the Day’ posts are intended to provide design inspiration. I select projects and products for each ‘Color of the Day’ post based on the color my eye sees in the photographs. It can be extremely difficult to render color with 100% accuracy when taking photographs, especially of interior spaces. The same color can also appear  entirely different in different lighting conditions. For these reasons, the actual color of the projects or products  may not be an actual match to the ‘Color of the Day’. Always review actual samples from the product manufacturer before making final purchases.