Design Elements {Recycled Tires}

I’m really impressed with all the creative ways that companies are recycling old tires these days. I’ve been using rubber flooring made from recycled tires in my design projects for years. But, there are so many more options if you want to incorporate this unusual material into your interior design projects. Take this stylish table…

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Design Elements {Cardboard}

Cardboard light fixtures? Furniture made from cardboard? Sure, it’s not a material that typically comes to mind when you think of interior design. But, that’s what makes it so cool! I’ve always been fascinated with the innovative use of unexpected materials in interior spaces. And, what could me more unexpected than cardboard furniture? My first…

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Design Elements {Black Bamboo}

I’ve always loved the use of bamboo as a design element. It has such a great texture and it’s a renewable resource to boot. I lucked out this past fall and scored some free black bamboo poles from a couple that was cleaning up their back yard. Note to Self: Do not plant bamboo in…

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