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warm neutral interior color palette

Bedroom Photo by Jason Frank Rothenberg for Domino

Sometimes, a simple warm-toned color palette is just what a design needs. Take this bedroom interior for instance. It’s just beautiful in it’s More


gray interior with turquoise and gold accents

Inspiration Image by Brandi Welles

The ‘Graphic Vibe’ palette translates beautifully into an interior design. What I like best about this look is the largest surfaces and pieces are neutral colors. So, you More


white bedroom with purple and green accents

Inspiration Image by Eva Lin Photography

The ‘Purple Meadow’ palette translates beautifully into an interior design. I absolutely love the purple and green combo! It looks so elegant in a More


antique white and denim interior color palette

Inspiration Image by Felix Forest

This bedroom is the perfect balance of classic and casual. I love how the denim blue accents contrast with the antique white walls and the pop of black and brass accent is just perfect. More


All items from One Kings Lane:

All items from One Kings Lane: 1. gold pillow 2. white sofa 3. glass emerald accents 4. coffee table 5. teal upholstered ottoman 6. live fan palm 7. hide rug 8. white chair 9. live classic palm 10. teal accent pillow 11. silver pillow