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white interior design with bright blue accents

Inspiration Image by Peony Lim

Have you ever looked at a beautiful front door and wondered what was on the other side of it? I do this all the time. It’s just how my More


pantone lapis blue door in white stone wall

Inspiration Image by Peony Lim

I am obsessed with this shade of blue! There are many names for it: royal blue, cobalt, sapphire, and sometimes just bright blue. Pantone calls it More


bedroom get the look with lapis blue rug

I’ve been exploring the color trend ‘Lapis Blue’ and how to incorporate it into an interior design. This gorgeous blue overdyed rug caught my eye so, I More


This attention grabbing blue is one of my favorites. I’m so happy to hear it’s expected to be popular this coming spring. Pantone has a More


I’m thoroughly enjoying all of the Moroccan themed interior design elements that are absolutely everywhere right now. The Azilal tribal rug in this More


I’m a sucker for a white room with bright, colorful accents. This bedroom design is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. The majority of the color in More

Pillow Sets {Soft Floral Delight}


Here’s another stunning bouquet design from Renee Landry. I love the soft color palette with the vivid pop of blue. This combination of colors and textures would make a nice, tranquil pillow set to lounge upon. Perfect for a bedroom sitting area perhaps?

Here are the pillows I would use to ‘Get This Look‘:

Peonia Sapphire Pillow from Zinc DoorFresh American Mingled Pillow from Zinc Door, Light Goldenrod Pillow from Zazzle, Pastel Yellow Pillow from Blooming Home Decor

Bouquet Image Source: Renee Landry Flowers and Rentals, Image copyright MaryBasnight.com