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turquoise blue color palette

Inspiration Image by Urban Outfitters

The ‘Katara Medallion’ palette revolves around a gorgeous turquoise blue. The full color palette is a dark navy, turquoise blue, sage gray, More


bohemian style orange and pink bedroom

Live/Workspace of Hey Wanderer | Photo by Amber Ulmer

The ‘Free Spirit’ color palette is an unexpected mix of colors that work beautifully together. This palette mixed with layers of different More


faded blue door in rust orange wall

Inspiration Image  by Inge Photography

I’m continuing my exploration of color palettes featuring the burnt orange color trend and this ones a good one. It has a collection of More


If there was ever a color that could just instantly calm a person at first sight, this would be it. I would describe it as a light turquoise, caribbean blue or bright sky blue. It’s very More

Color of the Day {Resonant Blue}


Introducing, today’s Color of the Day: Resonant Blue! More specifically, Sherwin Williams SW6954.

Would you like to ‘Get This Look‘?  Add a touch of ‘Resonant Blue’ to your space with these Vintage Chairs from Second Shout Out.

Are you looking for ideas on how to use ‘Resonant Blue’ in a design? I’m on the look-out for projects that include this vigorous shade. Here’s what I’ve found so far…

Just one small ‘Resonant Blue’ accent wall is all it takes to liven up an open living area. This color works great with light, natural wood tones…

design platform

Interior by Design Platform. Photograph by Zom Photo.

Oh, how I love the serenity of this white bathroom design with light woods and a multi-toned blue (resonant blue included) shower partition…

swampscott bathroom

Interior architecture/design by Walter Jacob Architects. Lighting design by Light Positive. Photograph by Michael J. Lee Photography.

Today’s color was selected from  the Sherwin Williams Color Palette.

Would you like to see more of ‘Resonant Blue’? Here are some more posts featuring this eventful shade…







Here are more colors similar to ‘Resonant Blue’ that you might like…

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Always get samples! Here’s why: The ‘Color of the Day’ posts are intended to provide design inspiration. I select projects and products for each ‘Color of the Day’ post based on the color my eye sees in the photographs. It can be extremely difficult to render color with 100% accuracy when taking photographs, especially of interior spaces. The same color can also appear  entirely different in different lighting conditions. For these reasons, the actual color of the projects or products  may not be an actual match to the ‘Color of the Day’. Always review actual samples from the product manufacturer before making final purchases.