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The ‘normal’ person would look at this photo and wish they were at the beach. Or, they might picture themselves sitting on the rocks dipping their toes in the More


Turquoise has really been a crowd favorite lately. And I, for one, am thrilled! I’ve loved this pretty little blue-green color since way before it was a trend. Now, it’s being More


turquoise blue color palette

Inspiration Image by Urban Outfitters

The ‘Katara Medallion’ palette revolves around a gorgeous turquoise blue. The full color palette is a dark navy, turquoise blue, sage gray, More


cream scotter light peach wall color palette

Inspiration Image by Ashley Ludaescher Photography

If you’re looking for a dreamy, white palette with a playful vibe, then this is the look for you. I love the subtle mix of creamy white and pale peach as More


woodsy color palette with colorful accents

Inspiration Image by Hello Love Photography

I just love rustic designs with a ‘pop’ of bright color. The ‘Magnolia Frolic’ palette is all that and more so, naturally, I love it! I’m especially drawn to the turquoise and More


Turquoise has always had a special place in my heart. I’m thrilled to see it popping up in fashion and design and I can’t wait to work it into my own More

Color of the Day {Mariner}


Introducing, today’s Color of the Day: Mariner! More specifically, Sherwin Williams SW6766.

Would you like to ‘Get This Look‘?  Add a touch of ‘Mariner’ to your space with this Surya Urn Table Lamp from Zinc Door.

Would you like some ideas on how to use ‘Mariner’ in a project? I’m putting together a collection of projects to give you some ideas. Here’s what I’ve found so far:

‘Mariner’ accents add bright pops of color to this lovely white cottage interior…

Design and Photo by Stephanie Wiley.

Design and Photo by Stephanie Wiley.

Wow, what a view! If you have a breathtaking Caribbean view like this one, then ‘mariner’ is built right in to your patio design…

caribbean view

Designer: LKID. Photographer: Steve Passmore.

This bedroom design is so fun! I love how the ‘mariner’ headboard works with all the other design elements in the space…

‘Mariner’ works great with whites and light grays. This kitchen is beautiful…

I love the bold pop of color these ‘Mariner’ chairs add to this kitchen space…

midtown condo

Kitchen design by Birdhouse Interior Design.

Today’s color was selected from the Sherwin Williams Color Palette.

Would you like to see more of ‘Mariner’? Here are some more posts featuring this cooling shade…







Here are more colors similar to ‘Mariner’ that you might like…







Always get samples! Here’s why: The ‘Color of the Day’ posts are intended to provide design inspiration. I select projects and products for each ‘Color of the Day’ post based on the color my eye sees in the photographs. It can be extremely difficult to render color with 100% accuracy when taking photographs, especially of interior spaces. The same color can also appear  entirely different in different lighting conditions. For these reasons, the actual color of the projects or products  may not be an actual match to the ‘Color of the Day’. Always review actual samples from the product manufacturer before making final purchases.

Paint Palettes {Eternal ‘Ruby’ Promise}


Would you like to Get This Look? Here are the paint colors to get you started:

Paint: All colors from Sherwin Williams: SW7516 Kestrel White, SW7672 Knitting Needles, SW6485 Raindrop, SW7669 Summit Gray, SW2801 Rookwood Dark Red, SW6129 Restrained Gold

Inspiration Photo from the ‘Screened Inn Cottage Tour’ on Sand & Sisal.

If you use this paint palette in one of your design projects, let me know. I would love to see how it turns out!

Fabric Palettes {Tribal Radial Patterns}


West Elm has a great collection of dinnerware out right now from Potter’s Collection. I just love the lively patterns and the beautiful color combinations. One of my favorites is the above set in blue-grey with a touch of turquoise, black and red accents. Perfect for the dinner table but why confine this look to just the table? I think this look would make a great fabric palette for a project. So, of course, I had to explore this theory just a little bit. Here’s what I came up with…

All fabrics from Knoll Textiles: Spree in PepperSynth in Waveform, Jubilee in Coal/SilverJot in Hot Spot, Paradigm in Chili, Gibson in Vermouth, Grandview in Seascape.

Has this fabric palette inspired you to create something ‘Tribal’ with fabrics? Please share your ideas and let us know how it turns out!

Inspiration Photo: Potter’s Workshop dinnerware set in Gray from West Elm.