hot pink and gunmetal gray interior design

Inspiration Image by Sarah Tew Photography

The ‘Romantic Industrial’ palette inspired me to create this living room design and I have to say, I’m in love with it! This is the perfect mix of rustic woods, polished metals and floral prints. The charcoal gray sofa pairs well with the hot pink rug. Warm brown wood tones ground the look along with eucalyptus green and spring green accents.

Here are some pieces to get the ‘Romantic Industrial’ look started…

1.Silvertone Floor Lamp | 2. Overdyed Pink Rug | 3. Jesup Stool | 4. Cooper SofaSilver Pillow | 5. Paxton Coffee TableGreen Candle

bridesmaid fuchsia bouquet gunmetal gray dress

Inspiration Image by Sarah Tew Photography

Here’s the paint palette for the ‘Romantic Industrial’ look…

gunmetal gray and fuchsia brushstrokes color palette

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  1. Margie

    I love the mix of gray and hot pink! This would make a gorgeous living room 🙂


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