gray interior with turquoise and gold accents

Inspiration Image by Brandi Welles

The ‘Graphic Vibe’ palette translates beautifully into an interior design. What I like best about this look is the largest surfaces and pieces are neutral colors. So, you can inexpensively switch out the accent colors for an entirely different effect. Let’s take a closer look at the elements of this design. The base of the room will be white with the larger furniture pieces in a warm or lilac gray. A gray and white chain link patterned rug anchors the furniture arrangement. Now for the accents. Find a pleasing combination of gold, straw yellow, light turquoise and white lamps, pillows and accent tables. A turquoise and white striped pillow completes the look.

Here are some pieces to get your ‘Graphic Vibe’ look started…

1.Elsa Side Table | 2. Table Lamp | 3. Lilac Gray ChairMilo Straw Pillow | 4. Marrakech Trellis Rug | 5. Nova SofaStriped PillowStraw Solid Pillow

modern print party decorations

Inspiration Image by Brandi Welles

brushstrokes color palette

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