purple and gold interior color palettes

Living Room Photo by Horchow

Do you ever get inspired by a catalog photo? Maybe you love the design style or the color palette really grabs you. It happens to me all the time and my latest obsession is with this living room by Horchow. First off, I just love Horchow! And, they really knocked it out of the park with this look and the color palette is gorgeous! The plum purple and golden accents are a great pair and a splash of black always steals my heart. I especially like the ivory tones of the chandelier and the putty gray tone of the sofa. All of this sets perfectly in the pale warm gray room. Just beautiful!

Here are some pieces to help you ‘Get the Look’ for yourself…

Are you a fan of purple and gold color palettes? What would you create with this look?
purple and gold color palette

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