I love the name of this color and I love the actual color even more! It’s a trendy burnt orange that has so many possibilities. Sherwin Williams calls it ‘Cut the Mustard’ and it’s part of their 2017 Colormix Color Forecast. There’s a rusty undertone to this orange that adds a warm, autumn feel to any design. This particular shade looks wonderful in modern interiors, Bohemian interiors and even traditional, vintage and Moroccan styled spaces. Let’s take a look at some ideas for this color trend.

I love the simplicity of this nursery design. The lovely white that’s used for the majority of the surfaces pairs perfectly with the ‘Cut the Mustard’ accent wall…

Here’s the same color combo in a more traditional interior with the addition a few more accent colors. So cozy!

Holy wallpaper Batman! How fun is this bedroom? The pop of burnt orange in an otherwise black and white bedroom is just stunning!

I absolutely LOVE this dress. Just beautiful!

Custom door designs are an endless source of inspiration for me. This faded blue door in a rust orange wall is fantastic!

There are so many white kitchen designs out there these days. This dark look is a refreshing change of pace. I love the masculine feel of the room, the pendant lights and the ‘pop’ of burnt orange in the bar stools.

dark modern interior with burnt orange bar stools

Interior Architecture/Design incl. joinery design: MWAI | FF&E: (pendants and chairs) Woolf Interiors | Joinery manufacturers: Interior ID | Photography: Alex James Photography

‘Cut the Mustard’ also fits in perfectly with Moroccan style interiors. In this case, the woven pendant lights, pots and pillows add this rusty orange to the look.

If you’d like to add this color trend to your wardrobe, consider a burnt orange jacket. They look great with simple black and white outfits.

‘Cut the Mustard’ fits in perfectly to vintage style interiors while still feeling contemporary. This chair looks so cozy!

dark teal green room with burnt orange chair

Home and Office of Hey Wanderer | Photo by Amber Ulmer

Or, blend this color trend with pink tones and layers of patterns for a Bohemian look…

bohemian bedroom with burnt orange and pink accents

Home and Office of Hey Wanderer | Photo by Amber Ulmer

This jade green bedroom is the perfect backdrop for a ‘Cut the Mustard’ accent pillow. Love this look!

dark green bedroom with orange accent

Home and Office of Hey Wanderer | Photo by Amber Ulmer

Pair a floral printed dress with a rust orange coat to mimic this lovely look…

An affordable way to add this color trend to your own home would be to refinish an existing piece with ‘Cut the Mustard’ paint. If you don’t have a piece in mind, find something at a local thrift store or flea market.

This color looks lovely in cream and white interiors. So fresh but spunky!

Plum and burnt orange. Here’s a color combination I can get on board with. The white accents keeps the look from getting too dark.

This scene is absolutely gorgeous! The pale blush tones of the dresses against an autumn yellow and burnt orange tree is so pretty.

Shop this color (some cool things I found on the web)…

sherwin williams cut the mustard color trend

1.Orange Throw | 2. Chenille Pillow | 3 Franklin Bench | 4. Capri Tall Pendant | 5. Candlestick Set | 6. Cylia Pendant | 7. Moroccan Tile Rug | 8. Floral Pillow | 9. Monaco Rug | 10. Cameron Lamp | 11. Bud Vase | 12. Salt Crystal Lamp | 13. Orange Sofa | 14. Circles Pillow | 15. Hopson Bed | 16. Table Lantern | 17. Round Shag Rug | 18. Orange Peel Pendant | 19. Suede Tote | 20. Huxx Dining Chair | 21. Upholstered Bench | 22. Mini Pendant | 23. Moroccan Leather Pouf | 24. Sedona Table Lamp | 25. Shagadelic Rug | 26. Karna Side Chair | 27. Triangle Rug | 28. Enameled Pendant | 29. Trinity Blanket | 30. Sunset Pearl Vase

Would you like to see more of this color trend? Good news! I put together a Sherwin Williams ‘Cut the Mustard’ Pinterest board just for you…

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