Sometimes you just want a simple beige. Something like Sherwin Williams Tres Naturale for instance. But, how do you pull this simple neutral off without being too plain? It’s really all about the color palette you use with the beige. I’ve put together a nice collection of designs that show how stunning ‘Tres Naturale’ can truly be. Let’s have a look.

Create a cozy cottage style bedroom with white shiplap walls, pale gray linens and warm beige accents. A fur throw fits in perfect with this look.

cottage style bedroom with beige hide throw

Bedroom Photo by Jason Frank Rothenberg for Domino

This natural beige tone looks so sophisticated when paired with dark walls. So lovely!

I just love the vintage feel of this bathroom design. The clawfoot tub, the patterned wallpaper, the copper accents and the ‘Tres Naturale’ shower curtain all come together to create this look.

vintage style bathroom with beige accents

Bathroom Photo by Jason Frank Rothenberg for Domino

Here’s another example of a dark accent wall with natural beige accents. I just love it!

The flesh tones of ‘Tres Naturale’ makes it a pretty choice for a clothing color. This lacey blouse is so pretty!

This Scandinavian style is definitely the look for me! I love white spaces with pops of color. In this case, pinks, reds, greens and ‘Tres Naturale’.

white bungalow style living room

Living Room Photo by Tessa Neustadt

Hanging rattan chairs are so much fun! The beige undertones of the woods in this space pair well with the white finishes. So refreshing!

Here we are again with the dark walls contrasted with the pale ‘Tres Naturale’ toned wood furniture. Great combo!

kids bedroom with dark wall paint

Home of Kelly Ventura | Photo by Naomi Ernest

Contrasting ‘Tres Naturale’ with black accents adds a stylish edge to this soft neutral.

The palette in this living room is so inviting. The warm beige cow hide rug is just one of the details that makes this space so perfect.

living room with beige cowhide rug

Living Room by Studio McGee | Photo by Becky Kimball

There’s a reason beige is such a popular color. It adds a cozy warmth to any space. I especially like how it looks as accents in white rooms. So pretty!

white craft room with beige accents

Craft Room by House of Jade | Photo by Lindsey Orton

‘Tres Naturale’ has the slightest bit of pink undertones giving it a flesh toned look. A pretty choice for evening gowns.

Shop this color (some cool things I found on the web)…

sherwin williams tres naturale

1.Patterned Tote | 2. Cowhide Rug | 3. Hatton Pendant | 4. Square Glass Lamps | 5. Ruffles Pillow | 6. Hvar Rug | 7. Destroyed Beanie | 8. Magazine Holder | 9. Piedra Stone Pendant | 10. Swinging Chair | 11. Throw Pillow | 12. Vintage Rug | 13. Round Rug | 14. Saba Pouf | 15. Dining Chair | 16. Chaise Lounge | 17. Pineapple Lamp | 18. Wool Blend Rug | 19. Xavier Bench | 20. Beige Pillow | 21. Leather Watch | 22. Rod-Pocket Door Panel | 23. Round Pouf | 24. Wool Scarf

Would you like to see more of this color trend? Good news! I put together a Sherwin Williams ‘Tres Naturale’ inspiration board just for you…

Some colors similar to ‘Tres Naturale’ that you might like…

Some designs that include ‘Tres Naturale’ that you might like…


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