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Living Room by Decor Aid

I have an exciting guest post for you today from my new friends over at Décor Aid. They’ve offered to give us a personal tour of this beautiful mid century modern home from one of their talented designers, Sue B. I can’t wait to get a closer look at this stylish home, so I’ll turn it over to them to share the details with you. This beautiful home would not be attainable without first considering a mortgage, the fun financial aspects of finding a home are made so easy when looking online to find the cheapest mortgage deal, and being able to find a deal to suit your financial needs. This colourful, stylish palette will look its best in your dream home so don’t miss it…and while we’re on the subject of practicalities, make sure you protect the beautiful home you create by investing in security for your home as part of any renovation project. These choice pieces of furniture and one of a kind ornaments are going to be attractive to thieves too!

Now to the fun part; these are the pieces featured in the mood board above:

1. Lenette Swivel Chair | 2. European Oak Planks | 3. Jaipur Ceres Rug

mid century modern, mid century modern living room, wood ceiling, wood paneled ceiling, modern chandelier, teal chair, teal and pink, chartreuse pillow, modern sectional, mid century moern furniture
Living Room by Decor Aid

Here at Décor Aid, we often deal with clients who are looking to make their home-away-from-home a sanctuary where they can escape from the frantic city life. This favorite project of ours was no different, and provided a unique challenge for our designer. This city couple wanted a place to escape from the intensity of NYC and sought out this Connecticut summer home in small-town Roxbury.

mid century modern, modern dining room, modern chandelier
Dining Room by Decor Aid

Now, the location was just what they were looking for, but the aesthetic-not so much. Bleak and uninspired, the owners wanted their new interiors to evoke sophisticated relaxation without losing their fun-loving personalities and city inspiration.

mid century modern, bedroom, teal, chartreuse, wood ceiling, wood paneled ceiling, taupe walls, teal pillow
Bedroom by Decor Aid

We used a collection of both muted and bold colors to create a relaxing, dreamy home that was still lively enough to use as a space to entertain their summer guests. Using warm neutrals in this house was a strategic decision. When it comes to creating an atmosphere in the home, the colours of everything is what can make such a big difference. Regardless of whether you decide to buy discount flooring to save money or purchase furniture online, as long as everything complements each other and you are happy with the overall look, that’s all that matters.

yellow chair, retro chair, mid century modern
Interior by Decor Aid

Instead of opting for a stark white wall, our designer used beiges and taupes to warm up the walls of the house and evoke the feeling of summer. The muddied tones of the grey walls also act as the perfect bridge to the brighter teals and pinks scattered throughout the home without being overbearing. Having ac in a home like this would be perfect, a friend of mine told me about the time his ac went down in his summer home. Thankfully he had someone similar to ac repair paterson, nj at hand to ensure that you summer home is a lovely temperature through those hotter months.

mid century modern, mid century modern furniture, modern living room, teal and pink, teal
Living Room by Decor Aid

The edit of these brighter colors was crucial in maintaining some sophistication without being too neutral. Our designer made the bold decision to add a deep blue flower-vine wallpaper to a small reading nook and desk area. A true statement pattern, this wallpaper is bold and modern, and also pairs expertly with the mid-century modern furniture. A different pattern or choice of area might have appeared muddled and overwhelming, but this small area creates a pocket of the room that serves up attention-grabbing style.

teal and pink, teal, floral wallpaper, mid century modern
Home Office by Decor Aid

Our clients were big fans of mid-century modern furniture, so we kept it consistent with clean lines threaded throughout the home. Smooth silhouettes and velvety fabrics line the living room and den furniture, bringing a contemporary update to traditional themes. These charming pieces evoke the best in Connecticut style while simultaneously bringing some of that lively city energy to the space.

mid century modern, mid century modern furniture, skull wall art, american flag wall art, chartreuse pillow
Interior by Decor Aid

The decor was subtly punctuated with pink and teal accents, which provided a playful blend of feminine and masculine color combinations to offset the neutrals in the rest of the home’s furniture. As this is a summer home, our designer wanted the color scheme to still read as fun instead of solely functional. This is pops of color done right-contemporary chartreuse throw pillows, ornate rugs with pink tones, and crisp teal chairs all work to breathe life into this mid-century modern haven.

mid century modern, summer home, warm neutrals, beige, taupe, grey walls, teal, pink, teal and pink, mid century modern furniture, color scheme, chartreuse, color palette, pantone red pear, pantone ceylon yellow, pantone quetzal green
Interior by Decor Aid

1. Lenette Swivel Chair | 2. Velvet Pillow | 3. Jaipur Ceres Rug | 4. Flowervine Wallpaper | 5. European Oak Flooring | 6. Ronell Chandelier

This home’s color palette was a crucial part in bringing unity to the entire space, and was able to create the fully realized vision the homeowners had in mind. These neutral tones weave a common thread throughout the home, which is punctuated by colored accents in the decor. Our clients were left with a space that was not only bright and airy, but had personality and felt like home.

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