vintage style nursery with teal accents
Photo by Brooke Palmer | @brookepalmerimage

I’m so excited by the idea of a child being brought into this world, into the loving arms of their parents. It’s just such a beautiful idea – that there are couples who are now bringing life into this world. It must be scary for them though, as they’ll have to look after this child, help them grow and develop (using things like these kids songs in their early years), and then they’ll just be there for them, providing love and support always. I’ll say it now, to all you new parents, don’t worry, it will all be worth it at the end of the day!

In preparation for your little one, I’ve come up with a post about decorating a nursery, I hope you like it!

I just can’t get over how much I love this white floral print wallpaper! It’s not the kind of thing I usually go for. In fact, if I saw a swatch of this on it’s own, I would no doubt pass it by. But, used in this nursery design with this particular color palette. It’s awesome! If you’d like floral wallpaper for your own room, check out the Simple Shapes website.

So, what makes this look come together so well? I think it’s the combination of a white wood wainscot and trim with the subtle floral of the white wallpaper. That, paired with the light sand tones of the rug and slipcovered chair is so pretty. Now, that combo alone is lovely but it’s the accent pieces that really drive this look home. The dark gray knit pillow with lilac undertones; the teal green garden stool; the ivory sheepskin throw; and the modern style cotton dolls.

This look is so cozy and inviting. Don’t you just want to snuggle up in that chair and read a book? (Or rock an adorable, squishy little baby!)

These are the pieces I used to create the Vintage Style Nursery mood board…

1.Moroccan Leather Pouf | 2. Garden Stool | 3. Sheepskin Throw | 4. Gray Knit Pillow | 5. Cloth Doll | 6. Carlisle Armchair

white vintage style nursery with teal accent
Photo by Brooke Palmer | @brookepalmerimage

Looking for that pin-perfect mood board to share with all your friends? I’ve got your back! This one has a paint palette as well as choices for wallpaper and rug. And, oh, that Moroccan style pouf! I’m such a fan of white leather 😉

vintage style nursery mood board
Photo by Brooke Palmer | @brookepalmerimage

1.Gray Knit PillowCloth Doll | 2. Garden Stool | 3. Carlisle Armchair | 4. Sheepskin Throw | 5. Moroccan Leather Pouf | 6. Small Floral Wallpaper | 7. Honesdale Rug

This is such a beautiful paint palette. So soothing for a vintage style nursery.

a vintage style paint palette

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