Soothing. Tranquil. Refreshing. These are words I would use to describe this 2017 color trend from Pantone they call Niagara. It’s a personal favorite of mine and I can’t wait to see what designers come up with for this beautiful slate blue. I’ve already found a lot of really good interior and fashion designs that include ‘Niagara’ in their palettes. Check it out…

For a dramatic dining room, paint your walls with a smoky blue. Add a distressed wood table and black chairs with just a touch of white accents to finish off the look.

dark dining room with slate blue paneled walls

Photo by David Prince

This dusty blue tone pairs well with black accents. This black plate wall art display is stunning!

white interior with slate blue wood bench

Photo by John Gruen

Oh, my. What a lovely maxi dress. Such a beautiful shade of blue!

Add a ‘Niagara’ blue sofa to a white interior for a cloud-like ethereal feel.

white modern living room slate blue sofa

Living Room by Studio McGee | Photo by Becky Kimball

Or, add a soothing touch to a stone terrace with ‘Niagara’ table cloths.

outdoor patio wedding with slate blue table cloths

Wedding by Lux Event and Design | Photo by Megan Welker

This slate blue color is a good match for gold accents. This wall mural is fantastic!

lisbon palace destination wedding photo

Photo by Greg Finck

Sometimes, just a small amount of ‘Niagara’ is all you need to add that soothing feel to your interior. Consider some throw pillows in this dusty blue tone in a mostly white room.

white dining room with denim blue pillows

Dining Room by Rita Chan Interiors – Photo by Taryn Kent

Gray rooms are also a great background to show off this smoky blue tone. I really like the Niagara, Black, White and Grey combo of this bedroom design.

If you really want to embrace the tranquility of ‘Niagara’, consider a mosaic tile wall in this dusty shade of blue.

slate blue mosaic wall tile

Photo by Molly Winters

Beach-style interiors really benefit from the addition of ‘Niagara’ accents. So nice!

eclectic living room with pantone niagara accents

Living Room by Jodi G | Photo by Nancy Neil

This velvet sofa from Anthropologie looks perfect in a ‘Niagara’ blue color.

I have to say, sofas make the perfect piece for displaying this color trend in your home. Here’s a mid-century modern style that’s sure to do the trick.

Shop this color (some cool things I found on the web)…

pantone niagara interior design product roundup

1.Albin Walnut Lounge Chair | 2. Max Blue Pillow | 3. French Neoclassical Sofa | 4. Anglepoise Desk Lamp | 5. Chiara P Handbag | 6. Blue River Table Lamp | 7. Swedish Blue Accent Table | 8. Lamb Fur Pillow | 9. Stripe Print Rug | 10. Chasida Ceramic Lamp | 11. Strawley Paisley Pillow | 12. Steel Blue Glass Pendant | 13. French-Style Side Table | 14. Anglepoise Pendant | 15. Paisley Shawl | 16. Blue Agate Table Lamp | 17. Ostrich Feather Pillow | 18. Birch Blue Table Lamp | 19. Cerulean Lines Wall Art | 20. Adobe Table Lamp | 21. Jewel Tufted Wool Rug | 22. Mirage Large Tray | 23. Medallion Pillow | 24. Circle Link Pillow

Would you like to see more of this color trend? Good news! I put together a ‘Niagara’ Pinterest board full of inspiration for you…

Some colors similar to ‘Niagara’ you might like…

Some ‘Niagara’ design ideas you might like…

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