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Bench Interior by Natalie Myers of Veneer Designs – Photo by Amy Bartlam | French Stripe Pillow from Domino | Living Room by Amanda Barnes Interiors – Photo by Alyssa Rosenheck

My current love of white interiors has me on a perpetual quest to find the perfect accent colors for those dreamy white spaces. And, blue is definitely one of my favorite companions for white. It’s refreshing and crisp, like the view of a beautiful sailboat on a relaxing beach. Of course, picking the perfect shade of blue is a must. And, I have to say today’s color trend is one of the most gorgeous shades of blue I’ve ever seen! It’s a bright blue that’s verging on periwinkle and reminds me a lot of the blues of Santorini. Pantone calls it ‘Little Boy Blue’ and it’s part of their PANTONE Fashion Color Trend Report for Spring 2018. I have so many fantastic design ideas to show you using this bright blue hue. Let’s have a look!

I love how this blue and white patterned wall tile pops against the white finishes of this bathroom. And, the brass accents and tiny touch of hot pink are awesome!

white bathroom with blue Moroccan tiles

Bathroom by Studio LIFE.STYLE | Photo by Diana Relth

I’m a huge fan of minimalist design statements like this simple gray and white bedroom design. But, I like to see a touch of color to keep things interesting. The pop of periwinkle blue in the flowers is just perfect for that.

white bedroom with gray accents and blue flowers

Architect: CWB Architects | Interior Design: Fearins Welch Interior Design | Photo by Hulya Kolabas

Speaking of periwinkle flowers. How beautiful are these? This whole table arrangement is just stunning. The perfect inspiration for a color palette, I think.

blue and white flowers on wedding table

Photo by Ether & Smith

If you would prefer to wear this color trend, this maxi dress would make a lovely addition to your wardrobe. I love the red floral print of the fabric.

Oh my, I think I’m in love! This living room design is simply heavenly. The color palette is amazing and the use of texture is even more amazing. When can I move in?

modern western style living room

Living Room by Amanda Barnes Interiors – Photo by Alyssa Rosenheck

Here’s that simple blue and white combo I was telling you about. In all it’s glory!

This image is a color lover’s dream come true. The bright yellow window against a ‘Little Boy Blue’ colored wall is a show stopper.

Blue and white. Need I say more?

Here’s that yellow and periwinkle combination again. The yellow is a bit more subdued in this design but still very lovely.

periwinkle blue menu on yellow table

Photo by Jen Wajcik

There’s something very happy about ‘Little Boy Blue’. Don’t you think? It would make a great accent color for a home office to keep your mood upbeat.

white home office with periwinkle blue accents

Home Office by Waterleaf Interiors

Now, this is what I love about white rooms. You can do so many different things with color accents. The mix of hot pink, periwinkle and emerald green is an unexpected combination but absolutely beautiful together.

White living room with pink settee and periwinkle pillows

Photo by Patrick Cline for Domino

‘Little Boy Blue’ is a great color to show off that dark summer tan.

Hot pink and ‘Little Boy Blue’. I love this!

Do you have a bucket list of places you want to see someday? I do. And, the top place on my list is Santorini, Greece. Every photo I’ve seen of Santorini is breathtaking and I love the architecture there. The sky is so blue there it matches today’s color trend.

Oh so pretty and oh so trendy. This blue and white arrow print throw is a great way to add ‘Little Boy Blue’ to your home.

Periwinkle blue is such a pretty color for floral print dresses.

And, yet another gorgeous view of Santorini in a bright periwinkle blue.

Dreamy. White. Awesomeness! The dark indigo and ‘Little Boy Blue’ accents pair beautifully with the wood tones of this built-in bench. This look is made perfect by the white walls and trim of the room.

white interior with wood bench seat

Bench Interior by Natalie Myers of Veneer Designs – Photo by Amy Bartlam

For the pastel lovers, a blush pink and periwinkle blue combo is a good way to go. Play up the look by combining bold floral and geometric prints.

Shop this color (some cool things I found on the web)…

pantone little boy blue product roundup

1.MOD Lounger | 2. Accra Pillow | 3. Beaded Pendant | 4. Lines Serving Bowl | 5. Snail Pencil Holder | 6. Amelia Chest | 7. French Blue Rug | 8. Palma Pillow | 9. Arrow Towel | 10. Blue Spotted Club Chair | 11. Antler Lacquer Box | 12. Basic Striped Hand Towel | 13. Orion Wall Art | 14. Italian Silk Pillow | 15. Notre Dame Wall Art | 16. Blue Velvet Chair | 17. French Stripe Pillow | 18. Kilim Towel

Would you like to see more of this color trend? No worries! All you have to do is head over to my Pantone Little Boy Blue Pinterest board for more periwinkle color inspiration…

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