Today’s color trend is a fun lime green tone with a strong vintage vibe. Some might call it a chartreuse. Pantone calls it ‘Golden Lime’ and they’ve included it in their Fashion Color Report for Fall 2017. This color fits in perfectly with modern designs and vintage style interiors. Anything mid-century modern is going to pair well with this color trend. Now for the fun part. Let’s take a look at some designs featuring ‘Golden Lime’.

The tall golden lime curtains really accentuate the height of this living room. I love that light fixture!

classy living room interior with lime green curtains

Photography by Laura Resen

This lime green color makes perfect accents in dark rooms. Consider a dark navy blue wall color and rustic leather pieces to replicate this look…

Going with a ‘Golden Lime’ upholstery instantly makes a furniture piece super cool!

One well placed lime green piece in a white room with black accents is just perfect! Be sure to include some black and white patterns to really make the look ‘pop’.

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect ‘Golden Lime’ piece to add to your project, make your own. The Modern Cottage did just that with this dresser and it is stunning!

lime green vintage dresser

Tick Tack Toe Dresser from The Modern Cottage Company

Nothing says modern like a lime green and black color combo. Just a few pops of white add brightness to the look…

Oh, I love this rug! Black, white, gray and chartreuse. So fun!

if you want to add a vintage vibe to your kitchen, ‘Golden Lime’ appliances are the way to go!

A lime green leather mini-dress. Do you dare?

This dresser piece from Vanguard is a great way to add this fun color trend to your interior…

This chartreuse green color pairs well with other green tones on a creamy white background. This look is gorgeous!

Pairing ‘Golden Lime’ with pink really ramps up the fun factor!

lime green pink and white bedroom

Bedroom by Timothy Whealon Inc. | Photo by Max Kim-Bee

Wow, what a pretty look! The golden lime tones, silver gray, burgundy and gold really pop off the white balloons…

I’m such a huge fan of these chunky knit throws. Lime green is a great color choice for this look…

Just a touch of lime green with orange adds a welcoming touch to this beautiful white kitchen. I love this!

white kitchen with lime green accents

Kitchen by Timothy Whealon Inc. | Photo by Max Kim-Bee

This color trend even looks yummy on a doughnut!

matcha doughnuts lime green icing

Matcha Doughnuts Photo by Ted Cavanaugh

Shop this color (some cool things I found on the web)…

pantone golden lime product roundup

1.Glass Pendant | 2. Terra Cotta Vase | 3. Turks Throw | 4. Cashmere Throw | 5. Petal Pillow | 6. Panton Chair | 7. Lime Green Cushion | 8. Hemstitched Napkins | 9. Mystique Rug | 10. Glass Top Table | 11. Tassel Pillow | 12. Metal Barstool | 13. Desert Succulents | 14. Lime Green Vase | 15. Dalyn Rug | 16. Fiesta Bowl | 17. Wreath | 18. Wave Design Vase | 19. Braided Bag | 20. Lime Green Pitcher | 21. Kalora Rug | 22. Hip Vintage Throw | 23. Truss Chair | 24. Slim Neck Vase | 25. Chartreuse Pillow | 26. Artichoke Lamp  | 27. Drawer Chest | 28. Lime Green Mug | 29. Vintage Bowls | 30. Gourd Lamp

Would you like to see more of this color trend? You’re in luck! I put together a ‘Golden Lime’ Pinterest board just for you…

Some colors similar to ‘Golden Lime’ you might like…

Some designs featuring ‘Golden Lime’ you might like…


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