Green is such a fresh color. We’ve seen a lot of this friendly side of the color wheel this year. Ever since Greenery was named the Pantone Color of the Year. Well, today’s color trend is a similar shade of green but with a bit more blue undertones. It reminds me of an apple green but some might call it a spring green or celery green. Sherwin Williams calls it Organic Green and they foresee it being a popular color trend for 2018. I especially like how this shade of green looks in patterns when paired with white (Surprise, I like white!). But, I found some other uses of this color trend that are equally amazing. Let’s take a look, shall we?

This sophisticated look mixes emerald and spring green with small amounts of white accent. That sofa color is awesome!

Talk about awesome! The combination of the carved wood details and ‘Organic Green’ paint on this nightstand are right on point.

spring green vintage style nightstand

Design by Erinn Valencich

I love a good maxi dress and this bright green watercolor print is just gorgeous!

If you want to add a little color accent to a white interior, give ‘Organic Green’ pieces a try. It’s a fresh color combo that works great together.

Are there any Bohemian style lovers out there? This dark living room with checkerboard floor is a great backdrop to show off your jungle style. ‘Organic Green’ mixes with other greens to make this look work.

dark bohemian style interior with checkerboard floor

Photo by Martina Gremmola | Styling by Ruth Welsby for Haymes Paint

The tropical prints that are also popular right now are a great print to show off your love of this color trend.

Okay, I’ve found my dream office! The white interior with ‘Organic Green’ accents and blush pink chair. Oh my!

Here’s another way to show off your love of tropical prints. Find a spring green foliage wallpaper and accent with blue upholstered chairs.

living room with foliage green wallpaper

Photo by Suzanna Scott

And, again with the ‘Organic Green’ and white pairing. It’s a classic!

Modern lovers, this one’s for you! Spring green, blush pink, teal, gold and white together in a geometric print wallpaper. This is a bold look but with a feminine softness that I like.

You can also go with a more natural blend of colors. Maybe try green branches against a concrete gray countertop and antique white paper. So nice!

green foliage on concrete gray countertop

Photo by Entrance

This color trend is perfect for bold looks like this patterned wall. It’s an eye popping color that just demands attention. Add small accents of teal and gold to balance out the look.

Or, you can go for a subtle use of ‘Organic Green’. Find a plant, like this cactus, with spring green undertones.

cactus closeup with green undertones

Photo by Erich McVey

Of course, the apple green and white combo is a beautiful way to go. I like the addition of a natural wood piece to add texture and accent.

Shop this color (some cool things I found on the web)…

sherwin williams organic green product roundup

1.Rocker Lounge Chair | 2. Moorish Pillow | 3. Zelina Accent Chair | 4. Tree Print Wallpaper | 5. Lime Green Stool | 6. Eric End Table | 7. Apple Green Dinnerware | 8. Green Cook’s Books | 9. Striped Bath Towel | 10. Fresh Leaf Art Print | 11. Amour Fabric Ottoman | 12. Gingham Check Pillow | 13. Laundry Hamper | 14. Exotic Leaves Pillow | 15. Cactus iPhone Case | 16. Pyramid Dining Chair | 17. Art Deco Print | 18. Rattan Bar Stool | 19. Extra-Fluffy Throw | 20. Entangled Dining Armchair | 21. Jade Pendant Necklace | 22. Elsa Upholstered Bed | 23. Floral Pillow | 24. Littala Kartio Tumblers | 25. Cacti Pillow | 26. Madison Bar Stool | 27. Green Handled Silverware

Would you like to see more of this color trend? I figured you might. So, I started a Sherwin Williams ‘Organic Green’ Pinterest board with even more apple green inspiration…

If you like Organic Green, you might also like my Greenery, Golden Lime and Kale color trend posts. My Whisper of Green palette by project post and White Farmhouse Interior with Slate Blue Rug and Green Plants get the look post also features this color trend.

Some colors similar to ‘Organic Green’ that you might like…

Some designs featuring ‘Organic Green…


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